QAR History

The Quincy Real Estate Board was first organized the year the License Law in Illinois went into effect, which was 1921. James McKinney was the first President. There are records of several re-organizations over the years until 1943 when the Board was reorganized and has grown from the 14 charter members in 1921 to 205 REALTOR® members in 2002.

Brief History of the Quincy Association of REALTORS®

There is always evidence of the Real Estate Board as being a potent force in the community, especially when civic matters, real estate and property owner’s interest were at stake. During Work War II years there were struggles with rent controls by O.P.A. Another battle involved a tax exemption on a Federal Housing Project. The Quincy Board was active in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce in securing federal approval for the Quincy Airport. The Board was instrumental in pushing the Local City Council for a Planning Commission and Zoning Ordinance; and opposing Federal Rent Controls and Building Control. The local Quincy Housing Authority prevailed on the Board to appoint a committee to investigate tenants ineligible for occupancy in Low Rent Public Housing projects. Special meetings were held and decisions reached for ways and means to cooperate with the Chamber of Commerce to promote the erection of a Joint City-County Building. At frequent intervals over the years, there were joint meetings with the City Assessor, and County Treasurer on Real Estate Tax matters relative to ways and means to equalize Real Estate Taxes. Meetings were held in discussing the promotion of a six or seven million-dollar sewer expansion and rehabilitation program. Also the promotion of the building of a three and a half million dollar High School.

There were few civic matters in which the Board did not participate. When Quincy was awarded the title of an All American City, the Quincy Board prepared and entered a float in the Celebration Parade. The Quincy Board of Realtors, Inc., received its Charter from the National Association of Real Estate Boards on January 25, 1935. They are also a member of the Illinois Association of REALTORS®. In July, 1959, the Quincy Real Estate Board Incorporated and henceforth has been known as the Quincy Board of REALTORS®. The Board formed a Library, recognizes an outstanding member with the Realtor of the Year Award, or an outstanding citizen with the Gold Merit Award. In 1963 the Gene Pipe Memorial Scholarship was formed. A scholarship to the Realtor Institute of Illinois is awarded each October to a member of the Board. The institute in Peoria is sponsored by the Illinois Association of Realtors and is an extensive and intensive course on all phases of Real Estate Brokerage. The Quincy Board ranks as one of the highest in the state with the percentage of its membership being graduates of the Realtor Institute with 45 members over the years obtaining the G.R.I. designation. The Quincy Board of Realtors, through their Board of Directors at their August 23, 1977 meeting, approved a contribution of $5,000 to the City of Quincy for development of an Industrial Park. The REALTORS® also helped in securing land for this industrial park. In 1978, the Board donated four bronze plaques, which were awarded by the Mayor’s Advisory Commission to four building chosen for outstanding renovation work. The Quincy Board is one of 43 Boards in the State of Illinois. We have organized and held many fine educational Seminars and programs and are constantly striving to improve and educate ourselves.

In 1979, the association purchased its current building and office located at 1535 Broadway. The QAR office provides a central location for the association’s Executive Vice President and QAR Secretary, Multiple Listing Service, meeting rooms, computer training center, and other association related activities. In 1996, the association celebrated its Diamond Anniversary (75 Years “1921-1996”). Quincy Mayor Charles Scholz recognized QAR on its 75th Anniversary by an Official Proclamation which reads: “Whereas: The Quincy Association of REALTORS® was formed in this city three quarters of a century ago to promote the professional marketing of property within our community”; and “Whereas: Throughout its long history the Quincy Association of REALTORS® have been outstanding ambassadors for our city”; and “Whereas: Much of the growth and development of our city is attributable to the efforts of the membership of the Quincy Association of REALTORS®“; and “Whereas: It is fitting and proper to recognize this outstanding organization upon the occasion of its 75th anniversary.” “Now, therefore, I, Mayor Charles W. Scholz do herby proclaim Thursday, September 5, 1996 as Quincy Association of REALTORS Day in Quincy, Illinois, and I urge all of our citizens to recognize this important association for their valuable efforts in enhancing the quality of life in our city.”

QAR Past Presidents

2023 Greg Zanger 2022 Greg Zanger 2021 Joe Zanger 2020 Joe Zanger
2019 Glenn Swick 2018 Alan VanDeBoe 2017 Linda Snider 2016 Glenn Swick
2015 Linda Snider 2014 Glenn Swick 2013 Greg Zanger 2012 Bobette Cawthon
2011 Gary Broughton 2010 John O’Brien 2009 Linda Snider 2008 John Schlipmann
2007 Rick Davis 2006 Steve Flesner 2005 Terri Pratt 2004 Greg Zanger
2003 Bob Kewney 2002 John Mateer 2001 Larry Hood 2000 Mike Happel
1999 John O’Brien 1998 Kent Rodemich 1997 John Schlipmann 1996 Bob Hays
1995 Don Frese 1994 Lois Jacobson 1993 Lois Jacobson 1992 John Mungo
1991 Kent Rodemich 1990 Karen Cobb-Schaefer 1989 Kent Rodemich 1988 Alan Mays
1987 Shirley Bower 1986 Leo Zanger 1985 Rick Davis 1984 Lucille Neil
1983 Mike Happel 1982 John Schlipmann 1981 Bob Terwelp 1980 Frank Hays
1979 Don Redd 1978 George Mating 1977 Don Huechteman 1976 Sal Petti
1975 Tim Russell 1974 Tom Awerkamp 1973 Rose Geers 1972 David Bigelow
1971 Gene Rodemich 1970 Gene Rodemich 1969 George McNutt 1968 Lib Lay
1967 Cecil Brown 1966 Gene Rodemich 1965 Gene Rodemich 1964 George Balzer
1963 Ken Bigelow 1962 Galen Parrack 1961 Don Voth 1960 Martin Neubauer
1959 Martin Neubauer 1958 Martin Neubauer 1957 Martin Neubauer 1956 Charles Thompson
1955 T.C. Poling 1954 T.C. Poling 1952 Harvey Carnes 1951 George Harmann
1950 George Harmann 1949 T.C. Poling 1948 T.C. Poling 1947 Sam Highes
1946 Sam Highes 1945 Vix Winters 1944 E. Krumrine 1943 Don Binkert
1940 Dyas Nelson 1936 Don Binkert 1934 Loren Cox 1921 James McKinney


QAR REALTOR® of the Year Award Recipients

The REALTOR® of the Year Award is given to a REALTOR® who is actively engaged in the real estate profession and who maintains or is associated with an established real estate office.

The purpose of this award is to recognize the active REALTOR® member of the Quincy Association of REALTORS® who has provided outstanding service to their profession and the community.


2023 Carol Shaffer 2022 Joe Zanger 2021 Gary Broughton 2020 Cathy Anderson
2015 Alan VanDeBoe 2014 Glenn Swick 2013 Bobette Cawthon 2012 Gary Broughton
2008 Jeff Wiemelt 2007 Linda Snider 2006 Terri Pratt 2005 Greg Zanger
2004 Mary Ellen Davis 2003 John Mateer 2000 John O’Brien 1999 Bernice Smith
1999 John Schlipmann 1998 John Parks 1997 Bob Hays 1996 Don Frese
1995 Virginia Steinkamp 1994 John Mungo 1993 Kent Rodemich 1992 Karen Cobb-Schaefer
1991 Alan Mays 1990 Rick Davis 1989 Shirley Bower 1988 Don Voth
1987 Leo Zanger 1986 Ken Bigelow 1983 John Fletcher 1982 Frank Hays
1981 Lucille Neil 1980 Don Redd 1979 George Mating 1978 Rose Geers
1977 Tom Awerkamp 1976 Cecil Brown 1974 Tim Russell 1973 Slim Sommerville
1971 David Nuessen 1967 Gene Rodemich 1966 Galen Parrack 1965 George Baltzer
1964 Don Voth 1963 Agnes Wilson 1962 Ken Bigelow 1961 Martin Neubauer


QAR REALTOR® Outstanding Career Award Recipients

The REALTOR® Outstanding Career Award is given to someone who is still active and has continued to be involved in the Association or community, who may or may not have received the REALTOR® of the Year Award, but has had a long and noticeable career.


2023 Bert McAlonan 2022 Mary Bockenfeld 2021 Karen Cobb Schaefer 2020 Don Frese
2019 Carol Rischar 2015 Linda Snider 2012 Greg Zanger 2011 John O’Brien
2005 Bernice Smith 2004 Rick Davis 2000 Kent Rodemich 1999 Lucille Neil
1998 Gene Rodemich 1997 Shirley Bower 1996 Bob Mays 1995 Ken Bigelow
1994 Frank Hays 1993 Don Redd 1992 Don Voth 1991 Leo Zanger
1990 Jay Bower


QAR REALTOR® Rookie of the Year

The REALTOR® Rookie of the Year Award was first established in 2004 and is given to someone who has performed outstanding service, professionalism, and made contributions to the real estate profession during their first eighteen months as a REALTOR®.

2023 Christopher Moore 2022 Austin Schlueter 2021 Dan Dolbeare
2016 Kelly Little 2012 Cathy Aleman 2008 Dick Stewart
2006 Chris Broughton 2005 Mary Ann Geiser 2004 Connie Frese


QAR Pride of Quincy Award Recipients

The Pride of Quincy Award is awarded to a member of the community on behalf of work done to build, beautify, or improve a building(s) or landmark(s) for the betterment of the community.

  • The Corinthian Event Center/Bower & Associates Inc., REALTORS® Office
  • Golden Bridges
  • Horizons
  • Blessing Hospital
  • Farmers Bank of Liberty
  • Austin Properties
  • One Restaurant & Bar
  • Bee-Line Express
  • Classic Colors
  • Quincy Humane Society
  • MARX Commercial Properties & Development Co.
  • Madison Park Christian Church
  • Alan Mays for Prairie Crossing
  • Duker & Haugh Funeral Home
  • New Horizon
  • First Bankers Trust / The Quincy Herald-Whig
  • The Pier
  • The Maine Centre